What I ate at Summer sonic Tokyo

what I ate at summer sonic Tokyo

Hello everyone! How’s your summer going?
I guess for me the biggest even this summer is the festival I went to with a friend, Summer Sonic Tokyo.

I’ve actually never been to the festival which I had been longing to go to and this year, I finally decided to buy a ticket and go. Don’t know how come it took so long for me to decide!

It felt like a long time before it actually happened and the morning of Summer Sonic Tokyo, I was SO excited that  I prepared everything I could bring to the festival with me.(mainly food obviously)

I took the train and met up with my friend, at which point she said in a loud voice that everyone else around us could hear “OMG What are all that stuff you have in your bag?! You’re not gonna take all that with you to the festival are you?!”
You can imagine how huge my bag was looking by her saying this.

So this happened.

Me↑ desperately trying to figure out which snacks to take and what to leave in the locker in the station. Yes, it was a tough decision to make. I loved all the snack I had.

After a bit of struggle, finally I repacked my bag and this was my lunch.

What I ate at Summer Sonic Tokyo

what I ate at summer sonic Tokyo

Yes I ended up taking all my snacks and left absolutely almost everything that was not food in the locker😂✨You can’t enjoy a festival without good food though, can you?

So the line up I was so excited to see were Shawn Mendes, Marshmellow and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, which all happened to play at the same stage so we stuck to it all day from the very first.

noel gallager

I couldn’t take any photos of Shawn because we were so close to the stage there were soooo many people around us I couldn’t take my iPod out!

They all played my favourite songs, especially when Noel played “Wonder Wall”, I was about to cry, like literally.

The festival was so much fun we enjoyed every bit of it:)

After we left the festival, we went to have some vegan ramen at T’s tantan in Tokyo station (Sorry I was so starving I ate them before taking a photo!) then went dancing till morning. Yes till morning and it was literally the best day of this summer☺️

What is your favourite memory from this summer??

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Also another good news,  I started a new job as a hairdresser since May!
It took me so long to adjust myself to my new lifestyle but overall, I’m happy that I made the move!
I’ve been learning a lot of things from experienced people which I am very grateful for.

Hope life is treating you all wonderfully!


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