Vegan turmeric tea latte

vegan turmeric latte

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Good morning to all the lovely people out there!
Today I am presenting to you my vegan turmeric latte for this particular season. Why turmeric latte for spring? Let me explain to you!

Turmeric latte for hay fever

This vegan turmeric latte is not only sweet and delicious, but it’s also a good natural remedy for allergies and hay fever. Surprised? I know! Who knew a delicious turmeric latter can aid your allergies.

Before getting into the properties in turmeric latte that are good for allergies and hay fever, let’s see what kind of allergies you can have and my (not pleasant but hilarious) allergy story that happened back in Germany….

What can you be allergic to?

Fortunately, I don’t have any allergy to any plants or pollens in where I live despite the fact that it has a lot of nature around. But everyone around me such as my brother suffers from allergy from Japanese cedar tree pollen.

Japanese cedars are everywhere in the country and so many people in Tokyo have a bad allergy to them, like itchy eyes and running nose. Urgh, horrible isn’t it. I’m so lucky that I don’t have allergy to them!

Having said that, I do have some allergy to certain substances which can be found both outside and indoor. So what can you be allergic to?

1. Tree pollen

Japanese cedar tree is categorised in tree pollen. This one is a nasty one, because if you go out in the season of tree pollen which time of the year varies depending on the tree, there is no way to avoid it as pollen would float in the air. So if you know what tree pollen you are allergic to, try not to go near areas with the trees and have a cup of this vegan turmeric tea latter after coming back home!

2. Grass / weed pollen

This is the one I have allergy to. I haven’t identified yet which plants I have allergic reaction to but if I were to sit directly or indirectly on grass / weed, I would get really bad rush, hives, red and swollen skin. It is nasty. However you can avoid this by avoiding contact with grass / weeds that you have allergy to. And of course by having this delicious vegan turmeric latte!

My allergy story at a music festival in Germany

I honestly wish I knew turmeric latte was a great remedy for allergic reactions when I had this nastiest reaction at a musclewoman festival in Germany…

So my friend asked me to go to this music festival called Rock in Park in Nuremberg in Germany, I had never been to a big music festival so I responded with a big yes. And there we flied to Germany with aa backpack and camping tent on our back.

We got to the venue and it was huge! It was so big that you could’t see the stage next to the one you are in. The whole place was lovely too, lots of nature around and you could feel the clean air going into your lung and the blood stream.

We spotted a place to build our little tent for 2, built it quickly, and then off to the stages where our favourite bands were rocking!

The night at the camping site…

After having so much fun singing and screaming and dancing, we went back to our tent to prepare to sleep. We were so tired we fell in asleep straight away.

And next morning….. I woke up earlier than usual because I felt something was wrong on my face. I searched my handy mirror wondering what it was, and next thing I looked in the mirror, my face was totally red and SWOLLEN LIKE JAPANESE  PUFFER FISH.

Not knowing and confused as to what was happening, I woke my friend with the face and devastation to see my friend’s face go “wth”.

We decided that I was probably having an allergic reaction to the plants we put our tent on and went into the town to get some medicine.

If I knew that turmeric latte at that time I would’ve gone to a supermarket instead of walking hours sweating and wondering around the city of no-shops-are-open-at-weekends for pharmacy..

After the allergic reaction

We finally found a little window open on a pharmacy and got some medicine for allergy so went back to the camping site. I took the medicine but it was not working… So I had to spend the rest of the time there at Rock in Park with the itchy, red, swollen face…

Apart from some random drunk people asked me what happened to my face, I managed to enjoy my time at the festival so it was overall a super fun experience! And on the good side, I was able to know that I have an allergy to some grass / weeds. 

So what I want to say is… You never know if you have an allergy or when it hits you. And I do wish I knew turmeric latte back then because my face was like that for the next whole week!

Now you know this vegan turmeric latte recipe, you can treat your hay fever or allergy with natural and delicious turmeric latte!

vegan turmeric latte 1

Why turmeric latte is good for hay fever /allergy?

The turmeric in this vegan turmeric latte recipe has curcumin which has excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antihistamine properties. This natural antihistamine eases itchiness, redness, rush and hives, hence it’s good to have turmeric latte when you have allergies.

Having this vegan turmeric latte regularly helps ease your allergies and promotes your overall health too, and it’s really tasty! I would say this is like a comforting and hearty desert drink.

Who knew you can treat your hay fever and allergies with such a delightful drink!

What you need for this vegan turmeric latte

To make this vegan turmeric latte is super simple and easy. You can whip this up in just 5 mins! To get the most of its benefit for health, here are what you need to make your vegan turmeric latte.


Get some quality organic turmeric powder to make this vegan turmeric latte. I use this organic turmeric powder from Terrasoul Superfoods. It’s organic and GMO free! Terrasoul Superfoods is relatively reasonable organic brand so I use many of their products in my recipes.

Plant milk

Any plant milk will work wonderfully with this vegan turmeric latte recipe! I usually use soy milk or almond milk. Soy milk whips a perfect creamy form on top so I like using it. If you are avoiding soy, use almond milk, oat milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, quinoa milk, hemp milk etc. Choice of plant milk is limitless!

Black pepper

Yes, you read it right, black pepper! Why add black pepper to your vegan turmeric latte? It’d because it is shown that curcumin is absorbed much better in your body when consumed with black pepper. So it’s very important! Don’t forget to add a little pinch of black pepper at the finish.


I love adding some lovely flavours of spices such as cinnamon, clove, cardamon, nutmeg, ginger, etc. This really depends on your taste but adding some spices takes my vegan turmeric latte onto the next level. Especially in winter some of these spices warm up your body which helps to strengthen your immune system too.

vegan turmeric latte

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Print this recipe below!

Vegan turmeric tea latte

Aka golden latte, healthy alternative to ordinary latte!
Cook Time10 mins
Course: Drinks
Keyword: easy, vegan
Servings: 2


  • 3 cups plant milk
  • 1-2 tsp Turmeric powder
  • Pinch of nutmeg / cardamon / ginger / cinnamon and black pepper
  • 1 tbsp Maple syrup


  • Gently heat up the plant milk of your choice in a sauce pan
  • when it’s warm, add the turmeric, nutmeg, cardamon, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper and maple syrup
  • You can then whip it with an electric frother(if you have one, if not skip the step 3!) to make nice froth on top!


Adding black pepper is important as it helps absorb curcumin in turmeric a lot more efficiently.
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