Teeth whitening – Hello toothpaste&mouthwash review

hello activated charcoal tooth paste

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When it comes to teeth whitening, I always had this image of expensive, chemicals and machines involving modern treatments which I would never ever be able to afford to pay!

But everyone wants white teeth right?
My old hair salon I worked in London had beauty rooms at the basement where they had waxing and facial treatments as well as teeth whitening.
So I know how teeth whitening is very costly and time consuming for most people.
Of course unless you are very rich and have time and money laying around!

I was not particularly confident in my oral appearance, in fact it was the complete opposite!
Here is a bit of my story about my insecurity about my teeth if you wanna hear it….(Or not lol in that case you can skip this part and directly go to the review!)


Long before I even cared about teeth whitening..
when I was around 10 years old, my mom took me to the local dentist.
They quickly found a little cavity in the front teeth which wasn’t so painful at the time.
Of course as a mother she wished the health of my teeth, but things went all wrong..

The dentist led me to the seat, I sat down, and he literally started drilling in between the two of my front teeth FROM THE VERY FRONT without anesthesia(ouch) 
I don’t need to say this but it was the worst pain I’d ever experienced.
AND because they filled the gap with fake enamel, the colour was changing beigy over time.. which was not a pretty look at all.

I was afraid of dentist because of that experience.
But I finally found a good one near my old work that fixed the fake enamel.
After that I was very careful about keeping them as white as possible and I reached a product I absolutely LOVE to maintain my teeth!

hello activated charcoal tooth paste


I love this hello charcoal tooth paste and hello charcoal mouth wash.What I like about it is that it’s not abrasive and is very gentle on your enamel but gives nice shine to your teeth!
Of course it’s cruelty free as well as fluoride free. Win win!

Have you ever experienced the nasty black stain around your teeth after brushing with powdered activated charcoal?
It is not a pretty look at all is it! But with this tooth paste it won’t happen, hurray!
Also powdered activated charcoal is too abrasive to enamel.
So I absolutely recommend this product if you are looking for good whitening toothpaste.

hello activated charcoal tooth paste
hello activated charcoal tooth paste

I swish my mouth out with the “Hello activated charcoal extra fretting mouth wash”
I love that it has coconuts oil in it which is very moisturising for your mouth.
And you can do oil pulling at the same time if you do it on the daily basis.

If you want to know more about my beauty/health routine check out here for more.

Have a nice shindig teeth day everyone!


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