My favourite vegan ice cream

cocofrio ice cream


Good morning all my lovely people!
Yesterday after I finished my plan around 5 in the evening, I was passing Hiroo station where one of my international supermarkets, “National AZABU” is at, so thought I would pop by because there was this one thing I’ve been wanting to have so long.
Yes, my favourite vegan ice cream!

I know I know it’s weird that I crave ice cream on such a cold day but never the less this ice cream is so delicious I had to buy when I can!
It’s still quite hard to find vegan ice creams in Japan but this shop has the MOST amazing ice cream I’ve ever had in Tokyo!
This supermarket came to my attention when one of my favourite YouTuber, Jenny Mastered filmed a video there when she came to Tokyo.
I was like, “How come I don”t know this place when there are so many vegan foods in there?!”

So I went to the shop with my boyfriend and it was a huge shocker how easily you can find vegan alternatives there. I mean, still little and quite expensive but thinking that it wasn’t on the market a few years ago it’s a good progress.

I was poring rain so couldn’t take a photo of outside but here’s some pics of what I bought!

shesse vegan cheese

My favourite vegan cheese

These two score so high in my vegan cheese section.
The left(Sorry it’s open I used it in tomato pasta last night!) is “My vegan shred” and the right is “Cheese garlic&herb
Some of you may already be familiar with the cheese as it is made in the UK and I’ve had it before in London.
They have a variety of flavour range but this one is my favourite.
This creamy cheese will make great snack or appetiser on crackers, as well as crispy toasted morning bagels. Hmm I’m drooling.

My vegan shred on the other hand is produced in Japan.
My old vegan co-worker told me about it and also said he would usually get it in Yokohama, which is miles away the travel would cost more than the actual cheese so I was like hm, let’s put it on the hold list.
But then they have this stuff right in Roppongi area! hurray!
My thoughts on this, it tastes good! But if you expect the melty texture, not so good. It melts but when it melts, it DISAPPEARS. Like completely.
If they can fix this one tiny thing, it would be the perfect melty cheese alternative ever.

cocofrio ice cream

My favourite vegan ice cream

COCOFRIO is the BEST vegan ice cream I’ve tried in Tokyo. It’s from Australia and this is salted caramel which is my favourite because if you know me I’m all about salted caramel in everything.
Other flavours include vanilla sticky dates, Chocolate and naked coconut.
I researched and there were a lot more flavours but these are the ones you can find at National Azabu.
It’s sweet and sticky with caramel swirls and a little bit of saltiness. YUM!
It’s also gluten free, organic and refined sugar free so all the gluten-free folks out there this is a must have!
It has soya protein so if you are allergic to soy, I know a decently good almond milk base ice cream so I will show you that if you want next time!

I did buy one more thing which I will share with you in the next post.
Hope you liked my shopping haul post!




こんなにビーガンのものがあるのになんで今まで知らなかったんだ?!と思った( ´ ` )



shesse vegan cheese

いろいろなフレーバーがあるけど、これは オ ス ス メ。


cocofrio ice cream




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