Healthy Vegan Matcha Latte + Tea and talk time

This creamy vegan matcha latte that is healthy, delicious and vegan. It has lots of healthy ingredients and super easy to make. Great alternative to black coffee in the morning and through out the day.

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vegan matcha green tea

I have a lovely vegan matcha latte recipe today for you which is incredibly delicious, comforting and healthy. And today is going to be another one of grab a tea, sit on a comfy sofa and talk time!
So make this healthy vegan matcha latte and come back for a chat with me.

vegan matcha green tea


I would like to talk a little about matcha green tea before we get to the recipe. Not that I am a matcha expert but you can have more idea of what matcha is before making the matcha latte!

So matcha’s origin is Japan, and is not traditionally drunk as latte(Obviously). If you are a Japanese you get to know matcha from early age and that drinking matcha is actually quite beautiful and peaceful.

Once my parents took me to this temple to have a proper matcha and it’s been one of the most beautiful experience in my life. To make matcha this beautiful zen looking matcha bowl and bamboo whisker are used, and the whole process is done very quietly and it’s very calming and peaceful.

Originally matcha is only mixed with hot water so it’s a lot more bitter than green tea, but it has a very soothing and relaxing aroma.


Catechin: Matcha has a several great health benefits too! My favourite fact is that it has high amount of antioxidant called catechin. It helps maintain weight and prevent cell damage.

Vitamin C: Matcha has lots and lots of vitamin C! Is that a surprise? Because it doesn’t taste anything like a lemon! However I cannot tell you enough how beneficial  vitamin C is. Your skins suppleness is greatly dependant on vitamin C hence having daily dose of vitamin C = great skin.

Matcha has other components as well like teanine, caffeine etc. Matcha green tea has less caffein than black coffee so if you are trying to avoid too much caffein in the morning, matcha latte would be a great replacement. It’s a hearty and heathy alternative.

Are you ready for the delicious and healthy vegan matcha tea latte? Let’s whip this up!

You will LOVE this vegan matcha latte because it’s:

– healthy and comforting
– delicious
– great alternative to coffee
– sweet
– creamy

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vegan matcha green tea

Vegan Matcha Latte

What you need:


How to:

  1. Put all the ingredients except for maple syrup in a high speed blender and blend until very smooth.
  2. Transfer into a small pan and warm up on a medium heat.
  3. Once warmed up add the maple syrup for desired sweetness.
  4. Pour into your favourite cup and enjoy your vegan matcha latte!

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vegan matcha green tea

Vegan Matcha Latte

  • Author: Maiko
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 20 minutes
  • Yield: 2 1x
  • Diet: Vegan


Creamy matcha latte that is healthy, delicious and vegan. This recipe has lots of healthy ingredients and super easy to make. Lovely alternative to black coffee or tea in the morning or tea.




  1. Put all the ingredients except for maple syrup in a high speed blender and blend until very smooth.
  2. Transfer into a small pan and warm up on a medium heat.
  3. Once warmed up add the maple syrup for desired sweetness.
  4. Pour into your favourite cup and enjoy your vegan matcha latte!
  • Category: Drinks
  • Cuisine: Japanese

Keywords: gluten-free, vegan

Useful kitchen tools for this recipe

Ninja blender

I used my Ninja blender to make this vegan matcha latte!

This blender is relatively cheap compare to Vitamix, but as powerful! I use this blender to make my smoothie, soup, hot/cold drinks, literally anything.

Porridge recipe ebook

Hey there, me again! So are you all set with a lovely vegan matcha latte??
Let’s get comfy and chat!


So this post was sitting in my draft section for just over a week now. I thought I was going to tell you all about how much fun I had partying for my birthday (by partying I mean baking loafs and cakes and lovely dinner for my friends and family in my apartment) but as you know, coronavirus has ruined all the plans for me..

However, it wasn’t too bad to spend my birthday at home. I talked with my family on the phone, got birthday wishes from fiends who were so kind to suggest that we’d go out to make up for my birthday! And My dad suggested that we all go have birthday dinner after things are settled.
So I guess at least I have things to look forward to after this pandemic is over:)


If you saw my instagram stories, you know that I talked about beauty briefly and I didn7t expect to hear from some of you guys on the topic! So thank you and I was happy to hear from you:)

As I get older each year, like everyone else, my perspective on many things has changed. One of them being what beauty is, and I think in the modern age it is a very important topic to cover especially for us, women.

As some of you might already know, I am a graduate of a beauty college. I wanted to become a hairdresser and I am a qualified hairdresser now. I currently have another job in IT(One of my interests is computer!) aside from hairdressing as I cannot work full time because of my dermatitis. But I love hairdressing and would love to continue working in the industry.

However, despite the fact that my job is to make people beautiful and feel amazing, sometimes I feel that we are too exposed to too much information and tend to get lost in the beauty maze.

What do I mean by beauty maze? I think, including myself, many women can feel that they are lost in search for the beauty standardised and set by the society. We are bombarded everyday by information, ads, models and social media, that you have to look a certain way to be beautiful. Otherwise, you are said that you are not beautiful and lovable.

Ads are everywhere to tell women that they are not good enough. And I really think this needs to stop right now.


I meet many girls in various age groups who spend hundreds of thousands of money to look better, more beautiful, and lovable, when they are already so beautiful inside and out.

I think this is quite a Japanese thing, but to remove body hair permanently, have special beauty treatment on face, buy diet pills and beauty drinks are very common. And it costs a lot of money and they often get loans. It’s a money game for the beauty industry.

I tell them they are beautiful without all the beauty treatments and expensive hair removal, but they are convinced that they are not beautiful without it. And every time I hear that from my girl friends, it makes me feel very sad. How sad would that be to feel that way all of the time.

I am not saying that I don’t care about looking beautiful. I feel beautiful and attractive when my hair is in good condition, when my skin looks nice. And I love it when people love their new hair done by me! It’s a great feeling to make people happy.
What makes me sad is the fact that it is so easy for women to feel unattractive in this modern age. And ads are pushing them to the edge.

“Girls who don’t get permanent hair removal are not girly, gross and unlovable” “How can someone walk beside a girl wearing skirt with that thick legs” “You are too skinny, guys like women with bigger breasts” “Smooth skin is a must, acne is gross”

It’s no wonder a lot of women feel so insecure when constantly bombarded with ads with these concepts. And I am not exaggerating. These are actually some concepts that some Japanese companies use to market their products. How can it go on the internet? How can they not see the negative impact of it on women in every age group?


There was a time where I thought I was not lovable if I gained weight. I was looking through a magazine when I was around 12-13. There it was, an ad, with a skinny girl wearing bikinis. I had never thought I was fat, but since the day I saw it, every time I looked in the mirror, I saw someone who could look better if she was a little slimmer.

Girls at that age can easily be influenced and I don’t blame myself for thinking that way. It is still easy for girls to fall into that negative circle.

I was insecure for so many years. But when I went to live abroad, things changed in my head. I had been said by enough people that I would look better slimmer, better with less makeup, better with normal girly clothes. It was engraved in my brain.

Then I went to London, where I was no one to everyone. My looks didn’t matter. People didn’t judge me for my looks(I mean, I was just another asian girl who looks exactly like any girl in china town so haha) but people saw me and liked me as I am through talking, through my personality, through what I love doing, and I felt like I was taken as me for the very first time.

And now I love myself as I am. Because I’ve been so lucky to have met many great people with beautiful heart who told me that I am beautiful as I am. And I am ok that some people think I am not beautiful and that I am not good enough. I don’t need to fulfil everyone’s criteria of beauty.

I would rather be myself and be loved for who I am by the people I love than be loved by everyone who only sees me on the skin deep level. Don’t give a s**t because you have more important things in your life than caring how you look to those people.

And I am telling you, if a guy likes you for having no body hair, skinny legs and big breasts, guess what, these things will go away as you age and if there is no real connection between the two of you, it is not going to work out. Who wants that? I don’t!

To me, beauty is more than skin deep. More than skin colour. More than weight. More than hair colour. More than race. More than anything but loving heart and personality. And you can be beautiful at any age in anywhere you are in the world. No matter what other people might say to you.


Thank you for making my matcha green tea latte and chatting with me today. You are amazing.


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