Eating Raw Pumpkin? Is it even edible?!

eating raw pumpkin

Hello everyone!

So lately I have been enjoying Autumn feasts like sweet potatoes, Sharon fruits, and of course, pumpkins! Who doesn’t like eating anything pumpkin in the season of beautiful and colourful Autumn? I bet you have been enjoying pumpkins on your plate as much as I have!

But have you ever thought of  eating pumpkin RAW? That could be one question you may or may have not come across in your life. 

Eating raw pumpkin, is it even edible?!

Why I tried eating raw pumpkin 

Why did I get such question out of nowhere? Well I came across with this youtube video the other day.

The girl was using some pumpkin in a cake recipe, which seems normal isn’t it? But the pumpkin she was using was RAW, at which point I went whaaaaaaaat.
I had never even thought of eating pumpkins raw before, I mean, they are pretty hard aren’t they? I even struggle just cutting it in half, let alone eating it!

So I did my research, and turned out it actually was harmless to eat raw pumpkin. I don’t know why I thought it would be harmful to eat raw pumpkin but nor many people eat raw pumpkin, do they?

Little experiment on eating raw pumpkin

I’m the kind of person who are open for new things to try so why not, I made a raw pumpkin spice cake as an experiment, so you DON’T have to.

Well…. the result was actually surprising. Let me take you to the experiment!

eating raw pumpkin

Making raw pumpkin cake

As soon as I decided to make a raw pumpkin cake, I ran to the supermarket and got myself a whole pumpkin as well as other ingredients I used in the making of this raw pumpkin cake.

What I got to make this raw pumpkin cake is:

– Raw whole pumpkin
– Cashews
– Maple syrup
– Coconut oil

Some of them was already in my cupboard so it was easy to start this experiment.

Now how I made the raw pumpkin cake is probably the question you want to ask right now. So I want to take you through the thorough process of making raw pumpkin cake here!

1. Dicing

The first thing I did was dicing the pumpkin, and it was not difficult at all as I do this all the time, except for the fact that pumpkins are really hard and difficult to cut with a knife.

So when you are cutting a pumpkin, really make sure not to cut your hands or anything, as you need quite a lot of strength and power to cut it! 

I carefully peeled the skin of the pumpkin too so that the colour of the cake will be bright pumpkin orange. Also I made sure that the pieces are small enough to process in the food processor.

2. Food processor

Usually, the next step for me is to cook the diced pumpkin but this time, I threw them into my food processor without any cooking process..

This step is super easy, just throw the diced pumpkins and process iuntill they are pureed completely.

You do need some water at this point as raw pumpkin is a lot harder than cooked one.

Useful cooking tool

Food processor

To process my raw pumpkin, I use my KitchenAid food processor.

If you are looking for a good but not pricy food processor, This one is very affordable and do a really good job. I use this to ground nuts, make nut butters, cake fillings, pesto, basically you can make anything with this, including raw pumpkin!

Mine is white like the one in the picture but they have a selection of colours to choose from, like red, green etc. so you can go for the one that suits your kitchen theme colour:)

3. Mixing other ingredients

Once the pumpkin was pureed completely, I then added other remaining ingredients, the cashews soaked in hot water prior, some coconut oil and some maple syrup to sweeten.

I processed until it was very creamy and smooth, occasionally scraping the side to mix completely.

4. Assembly

I made an almond and date crust for the base, which I thought would go nicely with pumpkin filling.

I simply poured the pumpkin mixture over the crust, put it in the freezer for 5-6 hours. I thought of freezing it overnight but I just couldn’t wait to see how it would taste!

5. Decoration

Once it was frozen, I then decorated it pretty with melted vegan chocolate, crushed frozen berries and crushed hazel nuts. This part was just as fun as making any other cakes!

eating raw pumpkin

And ta-da! Raw pumpkin cake is served.

How pretty does this look!
I was all yaaaay! I made it!

What does a raw pumpkin cake taste like?

I ran my folk in the piece of my raw pumpkin cake, and had my first ever bite of raw pumpkin cake. 


It was not good. I mean, not good enough to make into a recipe.
I am not going to put the whole recipe here because.. simply it did not taste like something that I would want to share with anyone on the internet!

While it turned out so pretty, the texture was kind of rough, the sweetness of maple syrup and pumpkin puree did not marry together, and despite the fact that I ran my food processor for double the time I usually do due to the hardness of raw pumpkin, the pumpkin was still kind of standing by itself in the filling.

Having said that, I am not saying it was not delicious, it was edible and somehow I ate one piece. I guess for people who follow raw food diet, this would be a great pumpkin treat. However I personally prefer the taste of cooked pumpkin a lot more than raw!

My thoughts on eating raw pumpkin

It was an interesting experiment and this got me research a little more about raw pumpkin vs cooked pumpkin.

I found out while researching that the great nutrients in pumpkin like beta-carotene are absorbed in the body a lot more efficiently when pumpkins are cooked than raw, so after all we probably  should stick to cooked pumpkins! 

My favourite ways to eat pumpkin

One of the ways I like to eat pumpkin is in smoothies! My absolute favourite.
It is very simple, you just throw some cooked pumpkin along with almond milk, pinch of cinnamon&salt, and your choice of sweetener. I tend to use maple syrup because I love the flavour!

If you have not tried making pumpkin smoothie, it should be on top of your must list to try this Autumn/Winter. I am going to post a recipe for my pumpkin smoothie so stay tuned!

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beginners porridge recipe

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Life updates

From here it’s just things that I have been up to.
I feel that time has passed so quickly and it is already nearly the end of November! Which means it is going into winter.
Hope all of you have not caught a cold or anything and that been well.

I haven’t had much time to do like filming cooking videos which Ive been meaning to do for so long but, I indeed have had time to catch up with my amazing friends I haven’t seen in 3 years this month!So it was very nice.

That’s all! Have a nice day everyone!


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