My story

Hello again!
It is nice of you to want to know a little bit more about me:)

Here is the thing, I didn’t become vegan over night.
It was a very slow progress and transition which took quite a bit of time to learn about it and  be at where I am now.

I became vegan in late 2017 and am absolutely loving the lifestyle!

The more I know and learn about the benefits of vegan lifestyle, the more I become passionate about it.

Here is a brief story, I hope it inspires you at some points on your journey!

【Tokyo to London】

I was born in Tokyo where I spent all of my teenage life until I graduated from my beauty college to become a qualified hairdresser (at which point I didn’t know a word in English! Well, except “hello”)

In the last year of my college, while everyone was talking ambitiously about which hair salons they are applying for job, I was talking to myself in the head what the heck I was going to do after graduating.

And one word popped up.


I had always been fascinated by the London cultures from the classic swinging 60’s to punks with Mohican hair and piercings, many kinds of music including The Beatles,  and their fashion, and as it is, London is the most fascinating destiny in the world for hairdressers.

So I decided to go to London, which now has become my second home.
I flew to London by myself, not knowing anyone or what to expect.

It wasn’t long after my first car ride from Paddington station to my accommodation that I instantly fell in love with the city where I met some of the most amazing people who I appreciate having in my life and also where I developed my love for cooking and baking.

After learning English in the first year and spending another wonderful 2 years working for a hair salon (Smith’s hair salon, the best hair salon in the whole world I must say!) I came back to Tokyo.

【Skin issues】

Initially, I incorporated plant-based diet because I had a very bad skin issue when I lived in London and it persisted for quite a long time even after coming back to Tokyo.

My skin was breaking out really badly and at first I had no clue whatsoever what was causing the problem and was devastated as I felt hopeless to find a solution for it.

Then I remembered that I had bought this book called ”Eat Pretty” in London, which isn’t about veganism but encourages people to incorporate more natural, plant-based food for beauty inside and out.

I had already been thinking that it must have been the food I was eating that was causing the issue so decided to go completely plant-based aka vegan.

I had previously tried plant-based on and off but this was my first time eating mostly fruits and vegetables, very little bread and pasta.

And you guessed what happened, my skin started to clear up and I even got complements on my skin by complete strangers!

I was also feeling good physically and emotionally and that was when I got certain that plant-based diet was best for me.

【Going vegetarian】

The first place in London was one of the most amazing houses I have ever lived.

I lived with a family who introduced me to the city and culture, and of course the traditional English food.

After spending some time there, I moved to a flat and was living completely independent for the first time of my life. (aka, an absolute freedom!)

I can do whatever and cook whatever I like at any time of the day, porridge surely for dinner if I wanted to!

As I started cooking entirely for myself for the first time, I came to realise that I wasn’t buying any meat at all or even a fun of the taste of it either.

I was starting to learn the philosophy of veganism from various sources so was quite happy not consuming meat at home, not even close to calling myself a vegan but I tried my best to keep plant-based on and off.

After coming back to Tokyo, I decided to go vegetarian because initially it was quite tough for me to go vegan just over a night.

So I was vegetarian for 3 years and during that time I realised that even vegetarianism is not known much among Japanese people, needless to say for veganism.

Which is one of the reasons I wanted to share what I know about veganism and all other beautiful things that come with it with as many people as possible here, on SE TWENTY TWO!

【Transition to Vegan】

I had been vegetarian for about 3 years when I decided to go vegan.

So far, although there are times that I find a little difficult like finding a nice way to introduce myself as vegan, I have been enjoying the lifestyle!

But why vegan? Because I find the lifestyle most sustainable for not only myself but everyone on earth.

I myself as a kid, never liked the taste of milk, yogurt, cheese, nor barbeques so it just really tells me that I don’t really need to eat those to be healthy but rather get rid of them to actually be healthy and kind to animals, environment and people around me.

Oh I love animals by the way! I always have been a huge fan of pigs, they are so cute and I even have 3 photo books of them which I bought when I was a teenager.

When I think about it, I can’t love animals and eat at the same time. It doesn’t make sense.

Even if it was one animal’s life that I can save by being vegan, I think it’s worth it.

So…. Here was a little(or looooong) story of me becoming vegan slowly!
I hope you enjoyed reading this and is inspiring in some ways:)

You can also find information about veganism on here!