7 vegan friendly places you need to visit in Tokyo in 2020

7 vegan friendly places you need to visit in Tokyo

*Updated on the 18th July 2020.

Hello all my lovely people! How are you all doing?
So a friend of mine visited me from Australia the other day and we had wonderful time visiting lots of veggie cafes and restaurants in Tokyo!

It can be difficult to find places that are vegan friendly in Tokyo so I gathered some information for 7 vegan friendly places you need to visit in Tokyo and share it with you!

Without a further due let’s visit lovely vegan friendly places!

7 vegan friendly places you need to visit in Tokyo in 2020

Ainsoph Journey in Shinjuku has to make the first on the list because I LOVE the place!

I’d known the place for so long but never visited as the place was always full with reservations. See how good they are?
And one day I was in Ginza for work and walking around to see if there is any place to have lunch at, and I came across Ainsoph Ginza!

I had my first “The Heavenly Vegan Pancake” and oh my got it was HEAVENLY. It literally felt like the fluffy, buttery, delicious pancake was melting away in my mouth like smooth caramel.. I can’t explain the heaveness of the pancake enough with words!

Other dishes like vegan cheese platter, curry, pasta, and sweets like puddings are amazing too. This is a must-go place if you are in Tokyo!

Also the staff at Ainsoph Shinjuku are so lovely and welcoming, I love the place!

Brown Rice Cafe in Aoyama is one of my favourite place to have lunch with friends. They have a range of vegan Japanese dishes like vegetable flitters/steamed vegetable with rice and miso soup, along with other Japanese inspired dishes which are all delicious!

If you are looking to have something vegan and Japanese, this is the place to go. They also have some lovely sweets using Japanese matcha etc.

If there was any dish that I cannot live without, it would be ramen! Did you think it was impossible to have a decent vegan ramen in Tokyo? Well you should visit T’s tantan.

This place is an absolute favourite for me when it comes to vegan ramen.
T’s Tantan is in Tokyo station, where you can enjoy probably the most amazing ramen in the world! (If you know any other amazing vegan ramen place let me know!) The main   ramen they have is “Tantan-men”, which is a noodle that is creamy and spicy.

Let me tell you that they are just delicious! I can easily eat 2-3 of them, no exaggeration.

They also have other standard flavours like Shoyu (Soy sauce base), Miso etc. and lots of nice beautiful toppings like pumpkin seeds, spring onions and other colourful veggies.

You can have other side dishes as well such as veggie dumplings(Yum) and Soy meat and rice if you are super hungry which I always am!

City shop is located in Aoyama.

They are a deli style restaurant with lots of dishes to choose from. While not all of the dishes are vegan, they usually have 3-4 vegan dishes to choose from.

Each dish has this little card telling you what ingredients are in the dish so you can always customise it however you like!

I had a plate with lots of green salad, pesto pasta, and half an avocado garnished with cherry tomatoes, and it was yum!

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Mr. Farmer serves a wide range of vegan dishes and you will never get bored of it! They change their menu seasonally so every time I go there they have new dishes.
The one that I go to is in Shinjuku. While the staff service is not the best the menu they have is really good!

And the choice of salads are amazing! they have quite a lot of salad menu and if you want you can customise and choose what you want in your salad. Yum!

They also have lovely smoothies to choose from. This restaurant is best if you are introducing vegan dishes to your non vegan friends!

If you are looking for a decent burger shop, CORI. in Komabatohdai-mae is the place to go. This burger shop is hidden quietly in a residential area so it might be a little difficult to find! I spent a little over 5 mins around the shop wondering where it was.

But the burger…… is SO GOOD. The bun they use is super high quality, not like the ones that are light and thin like used sponge. They have a selection of burgers to choose from and my favourite is the tofu-teriyaki and soy chicken burger.

They have other side dishes like chips, grilled vegetable and other dishes like falafel plates, they are all so good!

Komaba park is very nearby so you can even get a take away and have lunch there too!

8tablish is the place to go if you are looking to spend some quality lunch time or romantic dinner!
8tablish used to be located in Aveda in Aoyama, but it moved its location a little bit to the Shibuya direction but is still in Aoyama area.

Compare to other vegan restaurants 8tabish is a little on the expensive and posh side, but their dishes won’t disappoint you.

I love their savoury food but my favourite is their cakes! They are so pretty and delicious and you can also take away too.

And the vegetables they use in cooking are organic, and happens to be produced in my home city! 

7 vegan friendly places you need to visit in Tokyo

Did you visit any of the places above?

If you have visited any of the places above and liked them, let me know! I would love to hear your experience too.

Also if you keno any other wonderful vegan friendly places in Tokyo, let me know that too!

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